State of Utah

Department of Commerce

Division of Public Utilities


                                                             KLARE BACHMAN            JASON PERRY                 IRENE REES

                                                      Executive Director                        Deputy Director                            Director, Division of Public Utilities









Date:               November 22, 2004



To:                  Public Service Commission


From:              Irene Rees, Director

                        Wes Huntsman, Manager, Telecommunications

                        Peggy N. Egbert, Technical Consultant, Telecommunications

                        Krystal Fishlock, Technical Consultant, Telecommunications


Subject:           Docket 04–53-03 and Docket 99-049-65

                        Redefinition of Properties Purchased by UBTA from Qwest Communications



         The Division has reviewed and discussed the properties outlined in the petition from UBTA-UBET (Refer to Exhibit 1). It has determined that the inclusion of the properties was an oversight by both Companies at the time of the purchase of the rural exchanges that were later incorporated into UBET. Moreover, Qwest has acknowledged the oversight and agreed that the areas in question were assumed to be transferred at the time of the sale (Refer to Exhibit 2).


         The Division recommends that the Commission approve the transfer of the two properties as legally described in UBTA-UBET’s petition.