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Deferred Account Order - 2010-2011 Bonus Depreciation

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Docket Number: 11-035-47

In the Matter of: the Application of the Utah Office of Consumer Services for a Deferred Accounting Order Directing Rocky Mountain Power to Defer All Bonus Depreciation Allowed for 2010 through 2011 by the Small Business Jobs Act as Amended.


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Date Description Format
September 13, 2011 Report and Order pdf
August 25, 2011 Reporter's Transcript Re: August 3, 2011 pdf
August 11, 2011 Memorandum Decision pdf
July 28, 2011 Settlement Stipulation
* Exhibit A: Estimated Impact for Proposed Utah Settlement Including Proposed Changes in GRC and REC
* Exhibit B: Net Power Cost Calculation




July 27, 2011 Notice of Hearing to Examine Proposed Settlement Stipulation Affecting these Dockets pdf
July 26, 2011 Order Staying Proceeding Indefinitely pdf
June 2, 2011 Order Denying Motion to Dismiss pdf
May 24, 2011 Order Granting Intervention pdf
May 19, 2011 Rocky Mountain Power’s Reply to the OCS, DPU and UAE Responses in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss Word
May 16, 2011 Scheduling Order pdf
May 9, 2011 UAE’s Response in Opposition to RMP’s Motion to Dismiss OCS’ Application for Deferred Accounting Word
May 9, 2011 Division of Public Utilities’ Opposition to Rocky Mountain Power’s Motion to Dismiss Office’s Application Word
May 9, 2011 Order Granting Intervention pdf
May 9, 2011

Utah Office of Consumer Services’ Response to Motion to Dismiss Application for Deferred Accounting Order for 2009-2011 Bonus Depreciation
* Exhibit A - Order Denying Responden't Motion...



May 3, 2011 Petition for Leave to Intervene of UIEC, an Intervention Group Word
April 27, 2011 Notice of Scheduling Conference pdf
April 21, 2011 RMP Motion to Dismiss and Response Opposing Office's Application Word
April 18, 2011 Petition to Intervene of the Utah Association of Energy Users in Support of Application for Deferred Accounting Word
April 14, 2011
Comments from DPU Re: 10-057-21, 10-035-127 Word
March 24, 2011 Action Request Due: April 25, 2011 Word
March 22, 2011 Utah Office of Consumer Services’ Application for Deferred Accounting Order for 2010-2011 Bonus Depreciation Word