Attorney for Petitioner IBEW Local 57

8 East Broadway, Ste 510

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Telephone: (801) 532-7858


Date Submitted: August 15, 2005





In the Matter of the Application of                            )          PETITION FOR

MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company                 )           INTERVENTION

and PacifiCorp dba Utah Power and Light               )           BY IBEW LOCAL 57         

Company for an Order Authorizing Proposed           )

Transaction                                                              )         Docket No. 05-035-54


            Comes now petitioner, by and through counsel, pursuant to §63-46b-9 UCA as amended and Commission's Rules of Practice R746-100-7, and hereby petitions the Commission to permit it to intervene in the above matter and represents as follows:

            1. Petitioner, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 57 is a labor organization representing approximately 1,800 employees of Applicant Pacificorp, in its Utah Power and Light Division. Most of these employees reside in Utah. The employees work in Applicant's power supply and delivery operations and are covered by the terms of collective bargaining agreements between Intervenor and Applicant PacifiCorp.

            2. Intervenor and its represented employees' rights and interests may be substantially affected by this proceeding as it will affect the management, cost and ability of the Utility to safely and competently maintain and deliver electrical service by the efforts of its labor force. Accordingly, it is in the interests of this petitioner and the public that intervention be granted.

            3. Petitioner has yet to determine what its position will be to the Application and evidence to be submitted in support thereof. However, Petitioner should be permitted to intervene as its interests may appear during the proceeding.

            4. The interests of justice and the orderly and prompt conduct of these proceedings will not be delayed, or materially impaired or prejudiced by permitting intervention.

            5. Petitioner's interests are not adequately represented by any party to the proceeding.

            6. Notices and pleading should be sent to:

            ARTHUR F. SANDACK, Esq

            8 East Broadway, Ste 510

            Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

            Electronic filings, notices and orders should be sent by email to

            Facsimile copies 801-363-1715

WHEREFORE PETITIONER prays that the Commission permits it to intervene in the above proceedings as its interests appear and grant it such relief as deemed justified by the Commission.

Dated this ___ day of ______________________, 2005.



                                                                                                Arthur F. Sandack


I hereby certify that a true and correct copy of the Petition For Intervention by IBEW Local 57 was e-mailed, on the 15th day of August, 2005 by Arthur Sandack to:


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