Staff Members

emailRon Allen Commissioner (term ends 3/1/17)  
emailDavid Clark Commissioner (term ends 3/1/19)  
emailThad LeVar Commissioner (term ends 3/1/15)  
emailGary Widerburg Commission Administrator 801-530-6713
emailJordan White Legal Counsel 801-530-6712
Melanie Reif Administrative Law Judge and Legal Counsel 801-530-6709
Becky Wilson Executive Staff Director 801-530-6770
Jamie Dalton Economist Utility Analyst - Electricity and Natural Gas 801-530-6707
Carol Revelt Utility Technical Consultant - Electricity and Natural Gas 801-530-6711
John Harvey Economist, Technical Advisor, Telecommunications,
Electricity & Natural Gas
emailVacant Utility Technical Consultant - Electricity 801-530-6729
emailJerry Maio Utility Engineer - Electricity 801-530-6724
Mary Beth Green Deaf Relay Specialist 801-715-3470
Sheri Bintz Paralegal / Webmaster 801-530-6714
email Melissa Paschal Paralegal 801-530-6769
Darlene Cooper Accounting Technician, Accounts Payable 801-530-6715
EmailLaurie Harris Paralegal 801-530-6716