About the Public Service Commission

Mission Statement

The primary responsibility of the Commission is to ensure safe, reliable, adequate, and reasonably priced utility service. It conducts hearings and investigations of utility company operations in order to determine just and reasonable rates for service. The Commission strives to protect efficient, reliable, reasonably-priced utility service for customers, and to maintain financially healthy utility companies. These goals are attained through the regulatory decisions the Commission makes and through rules it adopts.

Each Commission proceeding involves a utility and a number of other parties, including the Division of Public Utilities and the Committee of Consumer Services. Formal testimony of expert witnesses is taken and cross-examined. A court reporter transcribes the proceeding and produces a transcript. Commission hearings are open to the public. Following the hearing, the Commission, with the assistance of its technical staff, analyzes the case record, deliberates, and renders its decision in the form of an "Order." Any party in a proceeding can appeal a Commission decision to the Utah Supreme Court.

Municipal utility companies and cable companies are NOT REGULATED by the Commission.